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Education Enriched Through Culture
Освіта збагачена культурою
The students at Smith-Jackson will be provided with the best possible intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral and cultural education in a bilingual setting. They will engage in learning activities that promote and enhance the knowledge, practice and appreciation of culture. The students will be part of a learning community that values working hard, caring for others, and respecting people and property.

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Parkfit Summer Programs

Parkfit Summer Programs

Parkfit Summer programs registration is now open and available! Please click the link above for more information.

I Love to Read: Literacy "Lockdown Liftoff"

We had a great Literacy Lockdown for I love to read month! We had our grande finale Friday afternoon with our ‘Lockdown Liftoff’, prizes, draws, etc. The students did a great job with the Pandemic Poetry, Sanitized Stories, Lock Down Lessons and Pandemic Perspective stories. Thanks to those that submitted family posters – these are on display on the 8th Ave. side of the playground, near the play structure. Drive by and have a look!

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